How To Drastically Reduce Toy Clutter Today

Inside: Cut down on toy clutter by eliminating these 5 toys today.

Toy clutter - 5 toys to remove today

Toy clutter can be one of the biggest sources of frustration in a home with children. I know it totally is for me!

After the first couple of holidays and birthdays for my son it seemed like our toy collection got out of hand quickly. We had cars, trains, legos, balls, you name it, we probably had it. On top of all that we still had the baby toys out that he clearly just dumped out of the toy bucket to get to something else.

And then every day before bed we would pick up All. The. Toys. And let’s be real it was mostly me picking up all. the. toys because, well, my son was 2! I was overwhelmed and knew I had to do something different.

Toy clutter - 5 toys to remove today

Before I did a major overhaul of all the toys I quickly went through and decluttered the below list of toys and, let me tell you, it made a huge difference. It was not perfect, far from it, but it was a great place to start and I felt like I could breathe a little bit easier in our home. Phew!!

Toys with broken or missing pieces.

Am I the only one who can’t seem to keep all the pieces together? I don’t know how my mom did it or how people can sell whole sets in garage sales! We seem to lose stuff faster than you can say garage sale.

Trinkets from gift bags, fast food happy meal toys, freebies from wherever.

I don’t know what it is about these things, but they are kid magnets! My son loves these little *junky* toys! I think it’s ok to have them around for a few days, but once they have lost their allure it’s time to pitch them.

Toys kids have outgrown.

Anyone with more than one kid knows that the baby wants to play with the big kid toys. I tried to get my baby to play with baby toys but she really didn’t care too much for them! I had a few car seat toys and the rest just sat in a box untouched or were just dumped out for the most part. It’s been helpful for me to remove the toys that my kiddos have outgrown, otherwise they are just dumped and cause more frustration for me!

Toys kids are not interested in.

This is similar to the last item, but it’s a little different in that the toys may be age appropriate. But for whatever reason your kids just aren’t into them, and that’s ok. But to eliminate the clutter and stress, get rid of them!

Multiples of toys.

In other words, toys that do the same thing. Maybe your kid is into trucks or balls. But do you really need 10 of each??? Probably not!

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And now that you have decluttered the toys on the list above, this is how you should feel!

Toy clutter - 5 toys to remove today

Phew!! That is a great accomplishment!

I am learning that it’s important to be intentional with our toy choices and stay on top of the clutter before it becomes overwhelming.

I am also learning that this decluttering thing is not a one and done venture. As kids grow their interests change and so do their toys. Staying on top of the toy clutter will help combat the overwhelm!

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How do you keep the toy clutter at bay in your home?

If you are ready to tackle even more clutter in your home download your FREE 8 Steps to Clear the Clutter checklist! You can also read this post for more details.

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Reduce the toy clutter in your home today by eliminating these 5 toys.

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Reduce the toy clutter in your home today by eliminating these 5 toys.
Reduce the toy clutter in your home today by eliminating these 5 toys.

6 Responses to How To Drastically Reduce Toy Clutter Today

  1. Courtney says:

    I can relate…as a new mom, I feel like I acquired all this stuff and it makes me anxious at times. I just went through my daughters clothes and got rid of everything that doesn’t fit! She is too little for toys right now, but I’m sure I’ll be decluttering that one day too! haha

    • tara says:

      Hey Courtney! I totally agree! Kids seem to have a whole new wardrobe with every season since they grow so fast. I find I really need to stay on top of the clothes or they get out of control quickly. Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. Shana says:

    Omg! It’s funny that you said your baby wants to play with the big kid toys bc every time I try to get rid of our old baby toys, my kids find them and start incorporating them into their Barbie world. (And my kids are 5 and 7!) ackk!!!!

    • Tara says:

      Hi Shana, that is funny! Kids are all different, aren’t they? Maybe it’s a girl thing? You say Barbie world so I’m assuming you have girls. 🙂 My oldest is a boy so my daughter loves to play with the cars and trucks and legos her older brother is into right now. It may change as she gets older! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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