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Three Simple Goals That Will Help You Succeed at Meditation

Have you ever wanted to start meditating? Now is your chance! Check out 3 simple goals to help you succeed at meditation. #meditate #selfcare

Inside: Learn about 3 meditation goals I am working on during February.

For 2018 I chose one word (BREATHE) to focus on and learn ways to integrate the word into my life.

-> Click here to learn about how I chose my word and download your guide to select your own word!

To add to my one word, I am selecting a different mini goal or challenge to focus on each month.  Need to catch up?  Read this post to learn about why I am focusing on just one simplicity challenge, goal, or habit each month. read more

How to Practice Mindfulness During These 5 Parenting Tasks

5 parenting tasks to practice mindfulness

Have you ever made it to the end of a day only to realize you have no idea what book you read to your preschooler before bed?  Or what you talked about with your mom on the phone earlier that day?  Or even what you had for breakfast that morning?

I’ve so been there. I spend so much time just rushing from one thing to the next and don’t really stop to think about what I’m doing or who I am with. I don’t have time to slow down, right? I’m a mom! <<That’s what I tell myself anyways.>> read more