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A Year of Simplicity Challenges: Start With Daily Gratitude

Start your own daily gratitude practice with this free download. This is part of my year of simplicity challenges. #gratitude #selfcare

Inside: Learn how to start a daily gratitude practice as part of my Year of Simplicity Challenges series.

You won’t find any big, year-long goals on I Dream of Simple this year.  I decided that big long-term goals, while work beautifully for some, just don’t work for me.

I love the process of coming up with the goals more than the actual follow through.  Perhaps you are in the same boat? read more

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My One Word for 2018 + How to Choose Your Own Word for the Year

Learn about my one word for the year. You can also download a simple guide to choose your own word! #goalsetting #oneword

Inside: I reveal my one word for the year plus download your guide to choose your own word for the year!

Did you choose your word for the upcoming year yet?

It’s the start of another year and the Internet and social media are teeming with talk about goals and resolutions.

Research shows about half of all adults set New Year’s resolutions.  However, less than 10% actually follow through for more than 2 months. read more

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