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15 Holiday Traditions That Will Inspire a Simple and Memorable Season

Check out these 15 super simple holiday traditions to mix and match this year. Download your FREE printable bucket list! #simplechristmas

Inside: 15 super simple holiday traditions to make the most of the season.  Download your FREE printable bucket list now!

>>> Note: Scroll down for your FREE holiday tradition bucket list printable!

“Our most treasured family heirloom are our sweet family memories.” ~William Faulkner read more

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How to Develop Meaningful and Stress-Free Holiday Traditions

Learn how to develop meaningful holiday traditions to make lasting memories. Download a free printable bucket list. #simpleholidays

Inside: Learn how to develop meaningful holiday traditions that won’t add more stress to your plate.  Also, download your FREE bucket list printable.

>>> Scroll down for your FREE printable simple holiday tradition bucket list!

“At the heart of every family tradition is meaningful experience.” ~Unknown read more



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Clutter-Free Gift Guide For Adults

Clutter-free gifts ideas for the minimalis in your life.

Inside: Clutter-free gift guide for adults with 41+ ideas to give this year!

As I move further along our simple living journey I struggle with what to do about gifts.  Specifically I struggle with Christmas gifts.

Do you struggle too?

We have all been the recipient of something that ended up just causing clutter.  It’s not the gift giver’s fault.  The gift just ended up not being something that was useful or beautiful to you in your point in life. read more



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How to Simplify and Enjoy Hospitality During the Holidays

Learn tips to simplify hospitality during the holidays and actually enjoy spending time with your loved ones. Head over to Corina Time to download your FREE Simple Hospitality Toolkit!

This week I am a guest blogger over at Corina Time Lifestyle Blog.  This is my very first guest post so I am super excited to share it with you!

For most of us the holidays are a busy time of year.  It can quickly get overwhelming with all the parties and gifts and food and cleaning and on and on. read more



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