Top 10 Simple Living Posts from 2017 + FREE ebook

Inside: See my top 10 simple living posts from the past year!  Plus, you can also download all the posts in an ebook format, for FREE!

Read the top 10 simple living posts from 2017 and download your free ebook!

Did 2017 fly by for anyone else, or is it just me??  I published my very first post on this blog back in February and I have had so much fun sharing stories and lessons that my family has learned on this simple living journey!

To date, I have published 34 posts!  I can’t even believe that!  And people actually came to read what I said!  Yay!

This year has been a blast getting to know you, the readers, and building a little community here of folks that want to simplify their lives as well.  So, a big THANK YOU for being here and sharing in this journey with us.

Today, I wanted to share the top 10 most popular posts from 2017.  You can click through to the posts from this site, or you can download them all in an ebook I put together.  I am biased, but I love the ebook!  It has inspirational quotes, all the freebies from the posts below and a section with my favorite tools for simple living.  Get your FREE copy right here!

Top 10 Simple Living Posts from 2017

In reverse order, here are the top 10 simple living blog posts from 2017!

10 – How to Write Out Your Ideal Day and What It Has to Do With Simple Living

In this post you will learn the significance of articulating your ideal day, rather than the perfect day.  You will also learn how to actually write out your ideal day.  Plus you can download your free worksheet with question prompts to get your creative juices flowing.

Read the post here.

9 – FREE Printable Checklist to Declutter 100 Things Today

This checklist has 100 things that you can declutter from your home today!  This list is perfect for those just starting their decluttering journey as well as those who want to take their efforts up a notch!  Wherever you are, this post and checklist will be sure to get your home decluttered in no time.

Read the post here.

8 – How to Drastically Reduce Toy Clutter

Read this post to learn 5 types of toys you can declutter today to see a significant difference  in the toy clutter in your home.  The post also talks about The Toy Detox, a fantastic and short e-course for tackling the toy clutter once and for all.  The e-course gives tips on not only decluttering your toys, but also the types of toys that are best at keeping your kiddos playing longer.

Read the post here.

7 – Clutter-Free Gift Guide

This post has a ton of great gift ideas that won’t add clutter to the receivers home.  Ideas include subscriptions, experience gifts like concerts and museums, classes to learn something new both online and in person, and some of my favorite books.  This is definitely a great post to pin for later!

Read the post here.

6 – Pinterest Boards to Inspire a Simpler Life

Check out this post for my top 12 Pinterest boards that are chock full of simple living inspiration.  Board topics include capsule wardrobes, decluttering, mindfulness, time management, simple living with kids and many more.  Click over to follow your favorite board or follow them all!

Read the post here.

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5 – 5 Tips to Combat Toy Clutter

If you have kids you know all too well the constant battle of keeping your house tidy and picked up.  Toy clutter can be a real headache for a lot of parents.  Read about 5 ways that I have tamed the toy clutter in our home.  I find that when I can keep the toys under control my kids are better at entertaining themselves and play longer with the few toys that they do have.  Read abut The Toy Detox for even more encouragement.

Read the post here.

4 – 9 Practical Baby Steps for a Simpler Life

Learn about 9 baby steps you can take today to start your simple living journey.  Each baby step you take brings you closer to a more abundant life full of the things that matter most.  These steps can be taken in any order, but the important thing is to start today!  For even more guidance on implementing these baby steps I have completed, and strongly recommend, The Simple Year e-course.

Read the post here.

3 – 8 Steps to Clear the Clutter

This was one of the first posts I wrote on this blog and I think it sets a clear foundation for decluttering your home.  Download the accompanying checklist that outlines the simple process and get busy eliminating the clutter in your home for good!

Read the post here.

2 – Popular Books to Inspire Simple Living

This is a collection of 10+ books on simple living and minimalism.  I have read all of these and think they each add something to the conversation.  I encourage you to pick one and read it in the new year!  For even more ebooks and e-courses on decluttering, I highly recommend you check out The Conquer Your Clutter Bundle from the Ultimate Bundles team.  They put together the best bundles and this one is available now!

Read the post here.

1 – Simplify Your Closet in 9 Steps, Without Decluttering Your Clothes

This was my MOST POPULAR post in 2017!  My closet was overflowing, yet I would waste so much time trying to figure out what to wear in the morning.  By combining these 9 steps with the Project 333 Challenge, I was able to reduce the stress of getting dressed and actually love all the clothes I was wearing.  Read the post now and check out the Project 333 Challenge today!

Read the post here

Download Your FREE e-book

As a thank you for being part of this blog community and following along with our simple living journey, I have put these top 10 simple living posts into a 79-page ebook you can read all in one place!  I have also included all the freebies from each post as well as some bonus quotes throughout the ebook.  I hope you enjoy!

Your turn

What is your favorite post?  What would you like to more of in 2018?

Read the top 10 simple living posts from 2017 and download your free ebook!

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Read the top 10 simple living posts from 2017 and download your free ebook!
Read the top 10 simple living posts from 2017 and download your free ebook!

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